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How does an SMSF work?

Super funds are established for the sole purpose of presenting financial benefits to contributors in retirement and their beneficiaries. All members have their own TFN (Tax File Number), ABN (Australian Business Number) and bank account, which lets them to receive rollovers & contributions, pay out pensions and make investments. All SMSF investments are controlled by trustees and made in the name of the fund. An SMSF fund requires a trustee as a trust. There are 2 kind of trustee structure options available:

Individual – each member is appointed as a trustee. Minimum of two trustees are required.

Corporate – a company acts as the trustee and each member is a director. This structure provids flexibility in membership and administration efficiencies, at the same time it also allows simpler registration and recording of assets.


Self Managed Superannuation Fund Service

Our self managed superannuation fund SMSF services are for Australians who need to maximize the total value of their SMSF Super Funds.  We give Australians in employment and in their own businesses a full consultation & service from setting up a self managed super fundreducing the total costs of your services right through to ongoing advice, as you need it, to increase your income into your funds.

If you already have a superannuation fund smsfwe work closely with you by phone and/or email, wherever  you are, to fine tune your costs and income. We know you are very good at what you do, may not have enough time to be “hands on,” but still want the confidence to manage your SMSF super fund. You also want to be assured that we are working totally for you and do not get any extra commissions that may affect our advice to you.

We recommend that you “test us” by going to the green box below to ask us the questions you want answered and to be satisfied that we are “the real deal.”  There is absolutely no obligation on you and we will speak to you at a time that is suitable to you. There is absolutely no obligation on you.

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