Thinking of getting your own Self Managed Super Fund?

Call David on 0408 943 233 now to discuss to see whether it is a good idea for you or a costly mistake. There are good reasons for and against you having your own super fund. At Superannuation Rescue you get the truth which will save you well over $70,000 (depending on your age now) before you reach retirement.

We discuss in detail with you so you will make an informed decision to form your own super fund or stay with your present super fund.

We also have figures for the best super funds and can tell you whether you should stay in your present super fund or move to another fund. We give you options but will not recommend one super fund. You will have the knowledge to decide that. Also we do not get fees from any super fund you choose to move to.

We could charge nothing for the phone consultation, but a fee for nothing would be valued at nothing by you. Therefore we charge a very low $55.00 for this. If we have not talked you out of it and you want to form your own SMSF Fund, we will deduct the $55.00 from any other fees to you.

Should you start a SMSF super fund or stay in your present super fund?

Receive a consultation (only $55) on Self Managed Superannuation Fund Services and Cost Savings to help your super fund today

Self Managed Superannuation Fund Services Perth

Start a new superannuation fund SMSF at a lower cost.
If you have a SMSF super fund, we reduce total costs and increase income.
You receive total service from the experts for the life of your super fund.
You receive reduced costs, increased income and total service for tens of thousands extra for your retirement.

Self Managed Superannuation Fund Services Perth

Our self managed superannuation fund SMSF services are for Australians who need to maximize the total value of their SMSF Super Funds.  We give Australians in employment and in their own businesses a full consultation & service from setting up a self managed super fundreducing the total costs of your services right through to ongoing advice, as you need it, to increase your income into your funds.

If you already have a superannuation fund smsfwe work closely with you by phone and/or email, wherever  you are, to fine tune your costs and income. We know you are very good at what you do, may not have enough time to be “hands on,” but still want the confidence to manage your SMSF super fund. You also want to be assured that we are working totally for you and do not get any extra commissions that may affect our advice to you.

We recommend that you “test us” by going to the green box below to ask us the questions you want answered and to be satisfied that we are “the real deal.”  There is absolutely no obligation on you and we will speak to you at a time that is suitable to you. There is absolutely no obligation on you.

Please schedule a call now. Or you may never know what “could have been.”

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