Complete SMSF Service

Clients and others often ask us should they have a SMSF super fund.

They also ask should they continue with their current SMSF Fund or should they close it and join a normal superannuation fund.

Under our complete SMSF service, we give reasoned advice on the above two questions based on some or most of the following factors:

  • What are the fund totals in the SMSF super funds or normal super funds.
  • How many persons are trustees in the current SMSF super funds.
  • How much are they presently paying in the various fees in their current SMSF super funds. We can also advise if they are paying too much for the various fees.
  • What are their reasons for wanting to start a SMSF super fund, or what were the reasons they started a SMSF super fund.
  • What are their occupations and what do they know about SMSF super funds and how to manage them.
  • What knowledge they have on investing, specific investments and what their ideas are to invest the funds they have available to produce income and capital growth.
  • Do they have the time and confidence to manage the SMSF super funds and the investments.
  • Other matters that arise after considering the above.

A phone discussion is normally sufficient to give reasonable answers to these questions. Sometimes we need extra information by email to give more specific answers. Please call 0408 943 233 or email us to find out what is best for you.

When you decide to form a SMSF super fund, we offer a Complete SMSF Service.

We are proud to give a complete SMSF service at a very fair cost.

We guarantee our service.

Please call 0408 943 233 or email us.