Compulsory annual audit of your SMSF fund

Self Managed Super Fund

All Self Managed Super Fund are audited annually by a Registered SMSF Auditor who is independent from the firm which prepared the annual financial statements and tax return.

  • The best rates normally charged by a SMSF Auditor start at $300 for the most basic Self Managed Super Fund and can range up to $1,000 for larger complicated super funds.
  • We give very competitive firm quotes Australia wide. You can call us on 0408 943 233 or email the Operating Statement and Statement of Financial Position to us on to receive a quote. In most cases you will be pleasantly surprised by our fees.
  • We issue you with an Audit Report. Your accountant can then lodge the super fund tax return. In addition to that we also make helpful suggestions for you to improve the value of your Self Managed Super Fund. We also call you to discuss anything in relation to your super fund.
  • You can scan the documents used by the accountant to prepare the annual financial statements and also the tax return, then  email them to us. If you prefer, you could use our free Reply Paid service and send your documents to
    Superannuation Rescue, 212 Odin Drive, Stirling, WA 6021.
    Or we could send you a prepaid bag to enclose your documents and send them to us.
  • We call or email you with any queries we have to complete the audit.
  • We return your documents, our signed Audit Report, our comments if applicable, and of course our invoice for our services.
  • We also call you if you wish to discuss any aspects of the audit with you and also offer any suggestions we may have. We value long term friendly relationships with our clients.
  • Our principal has over 29 years audit experience in large firms and companies, so your audit work will be very professionally completed.